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General Membership Free Free Free $19.95/mo
Server Protocol Custom Modified FSD Modified FSD Custom
Voice Codec Opus MELP CELT, Speex Opus
Multiplayer Traffic Library   -
Network Platform Software   - - -
Interactive AI Drones   - - AI not controllable
Member Ranking System   - - -
Incentivized Training Programs   - - Pilot Ratings
Mobile Application   - - -
Free Hosting Services   - - -
FAA Affiliation   - - -
Shared Cockpit, Shared Radar   - -
Network Pilot and ATC Scheduling   Local Local
Automated Supervisor Functions   - -
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Who are we? Learn all about us.

About Us
We are a group of aviation professionals, hobbyists and enthusiasts who intend to advance the simulation community to its full potential. We plan on providing users with a network and user interface that adhere to the technological capabilities of this decade.
Our Mission
To foster a realistic simulation environment for enthusiasts, commercial vendors and government agencies through the use of network integration, automation and training incentives. Positive Control provides an improved, modern, friendly, yet professional approach to the existing networks by employing highly skilled programmers and administrators necessary to guarantee the future of online simulation.
Our Team

In keeping to our company's mission of providing the most realistic and modern simulation network available, our team has been carefully selected and consists of professionals within their respective fields. Our programmers come from various computing backgrounds, but share the common experience of aviation and online flight simulation networks. Our advisory team consists of real world airline pilots and ATC. We are confident that in the coming months we can build upon this strong foundation of knowledge and experience and deliver the best product available to our users. If you are interested in joining our team, we urge you to apply.


Join The Team

Get involved. Help us build your community.


Every online community needs talent and affiliations; we are no different. Positive Control is looking for those people and organizations who can further develop our unique identity. If you are a programmer in the flight simulation community, we offer an opportunity for you to show off your skills to a large audience. If you run an organization such as an ARTCC, FIR or Virtual Airline, we offer free web hosting and integrations that you will not find on any other network. What are you waiting for? Join the team today and help push our hobby into the next generation.


What You Get

User profile, suggestion box access, Pilot/ATC Certificate.
Custom airline/ATC ID, contributor badge, progress blog access.
Development forums access, open beta, beta tester badge.
Lanyard, 2x points for 2 years after release, multiplayer POSCON donation livery.
Mobile app open beta, mobile app beta tester badge, t-shirt.
Closed beta, closed beta tester badge, 2 years event slot priority after release, 1 reserved callsign for 5 years after release.
5 years event slot priority after release, 1 reserved callsign for life, dedicated POSCON email address.

Users Signed Up

Have an idea? Let us know.


Positive Control is built around the concept of keeping our community as inclusive as possible. As such, we want our members to have a say in every aspect of how this network is constructed. Each new suggestion will enable us to realize a broader scope, which ultimately means a better product for everyone. Our biggest asset is YOU, so submit your idea!


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